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Small businesses makeup 76% of Sonoma County tourism business and 91% are locally owned. To help support our community, we’ve compiled a list of resources and ideas to share with stakeholders and local business owners. Thank you to our partners at Sonoma County Tourism for some of these great resources.

Human Trafficking Resources

Hospitality industry professionals have a responsibility to identify and prevent human trafficking. It is important for us to do so because of legal obligations, social responsibility, ethical considerations, business reputation, and staff safety. Failing to identify and prevent human trafficking can lead to legal consequences, damage the business’s reputation, and put staff at risk. By identifying and preventing human trafficking, hospitality professionals can contribute to the betterment of society and create a safer environment for ourselves and our customers.

Resources and program of work from California Hotel and Lodging Association

Customize a Crisis Plan

Crisis preparation is essential to your business. You can customize a crisis plan for your business by using this form from our partner.


Quick Reference template 

This template is designed to assist the creation of a property-specific flip chart that can be used as a quick reference to guide staff’s response in an emergency.


Emergency Procedure Plan

A well established plan will allow staff to focus their attentions on solutions, rather than reducing the chaos that develops as a result of an emergency.


Emergency Poster

This is an emergency poster with valuable information that you can download, print and post for your guests.


Vacation Rental Ordinance Seminar

Watch the presentation from January 2023.

Watch Here

Draft Vacation Rental License Ordinance

This is a copy of the draft ordinance presented at our January 2023 seminar with Permit Sonoma.


Advocate. Use your voice!

We are the unified voice of Sonoma County hospitality and tourism, representing our interests and concerns with local government officials, and identifying issues of importance in the areas of workforce and affordable housing, taxes, fair competition, and development.

Educate. Learn new tools.

Throughout the year, SCHA regularly hosts seminars to offer useful tools for your success, as well as valuable access to forums featuring qualified experts and suppliers who understand our industry.


SCHA is committed to playing a role in our business community and developing interest in our industry.  We provide resources and information to our industry.


Our membership mixers offer opportunities to make connections, collaborate, and find beneficial partnerships. We host several events each year at venues throughout the county, at no or very slight cost to members.

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